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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update On Class Gathering

Hey 6Courage!

This is just an update about the Class Gathering. It will most probably be held at Ying Jin's house again but the venue is not confirmed yet. The voting for the dates will be held at a later date (that is if we are having the class gathering). So far, 13 people have replied to me by email or instant messaging. And all 13 have said 'Yes'. Looks like there would be a high chance of having a Class Gathering since those 13 'Yes' votes are excluding my vote, which makes it 14 'Yes' votes! ^^ Just 7 more votes to make it 21 and to have our Class Gathering! Those 26 people who have not reply, please reply soon. Every vote counts, every vote makes a difference! :)

The Class Administrators

9:20 PM