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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Opening Message

Hey 6Courage!

We have finished making this blog but there is just one thing left... we need more posts and comments from all of you! This should not be a dead blog, so remember to post and comment! That is the first thing. The next thing is that we have a facebook group! Well, if you are not in that group, no worries! Just inform the class administrators to add you! Not really class administrators though... we just call ourselves class administrators because we think it is the most suitable name for the group of people who are in charge of creating all these stuff. We have sought Miss Lim's permission on creating this blog and the facebook group. That is why we call ourselves the class administrators because we were put in charge of some important things to 6Courage. And there is also another reason to that too! We need to collect emails and test out if the emails you have provided us are the correct ones. But we cannot possibly friend you with our own account because we do have enemies in the class too and we are quite sure they won't accept our friend request even if the emails they have provided are correct. Well, we have been hiding our identity for so long. Actually, the class administrators have been regularly logging in into our Windows Live Messenger account but it is just because we make it a point to appear offline. Why? Many people have ask for our identities, more than 50% of the people who have done so did not suceed but for the remaining ones, we gave in to their pesterings. Some of you have suspected who we are... and yes, most of your guesses are correct but of course, we wouldn't admit it even if you have guessed it. Who are we? We are Xavierlyn, Valerie and Zhi Xin. The former and the latter started everything first but Zhi Xin joined in later. Well, remember to give your post and comments!

One of your Class Administrators,
Valerie Koh Suan Yun of 6Courage

2:17 PM