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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Forum on 6Courage Class BBQ Discussion

Hey 6Courage!

As all of you know, the Class BBQ is on 23rd November 2009 from 4pm onwards! Please go to our class forum and log in to either the official class account (See the post entitled 'Opening of Class Forum') or your own account that you have created. Find the sub-forum '6Courage Class BBQ Discussion' under 'General Discussions' which is in the category 'Universal'.

The purpose of this post is to inform you that we have created a sub-forum for 6Courage pupils to discuss what to bring on that day. This can help to prevent, take for example, other 6C students bringing the same food as you. If you want to bring a certain type of food, state it down here so that others will not bring that food. This is to enable the Class BBQ to have a variety of food for us to choose from. That was just an example. You want to bring your Chinese Chess? State it there! You want to try to plan for the games (if there is any)? State it there! Whatever you intend to bring or do on that day, just state it down there! Hope to see lots of posts!

PS: Remember to add in your name in the post that you make!

One of your Class Administrators,
Valerie Koh of 6Courage

5:16 PM