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Friday, November 13, 2009

Access to Blog

Hey 6Courage!

The Class Administrators have made this blog private as we do not want any outsiders to take down our email addresses. This is to prevent spamming and hacking. The Class Administrators realised that some 6Courage students do not have a blog account. As such, we are creating an account for all 6Courage students to access to this blog. This account we have created for you is:

Password: epps6c_41

Please make use of this account, to tag and comment. Just to remind all of you, this account is shared among all 6C pupils and teachers. Hence, changing of password is not allowed. The Class Administrators will be observing this very carefully. Also, there is a possibility of more than one person wanting to use this account at the same time. Thus, some problems regarding this issue is expected and we hope to seek your co-operation on being patient with this account.

Please help to spread the content of this post to 6Courage students who doesn't have a blog account. Thank you for your kind attention.

One of your Class Administrators,
Valerie Koh Suan Yun of 6Courage

5:03 PM